Infant & Toddler


This program specializes in infant and toddler care where healthy development of the child is paramount. All staff members are positive role models whom will be supportive, nurturing, warm, and responsive to each child. We provide each child with experiences that challenge and support cognitive, language, social, emotional, physical, and creative development. We also focus on personal interaction skills and problem solving skills through hands on experiences and curriculum.

All Rooms:

     • Children engage in outdoor time/play daily (weather permitting) - please make sure appropriate clothing is available. (temperature range 40° - 88°)

     • Please make sure you check cubbies for daily reports, soiled clothing, projects, etc.

     • All classrooms are a NO SHOE zone!  Please allow extra time to remove or cover your shoes with booties.

     • Older siblings MAY NOT enter the classrooms due to safety regulations.

     • There is a monthly diaper wipes fee for all students in these classrooms as we buy bulk supplies for use.


6 weeks - approximately 1 year

Our infant program addresses each child individually as dictated daily through their needs and parental direction. Working together to create a successful care giving partnership is a key component in our child care plan. We focus on providing a rich sensory environment stimulating healthy growth and development.

* Parents and room staff will need to meet prior to the start date and discuss the child’s care plan.

* Tummy time, singing, story time, and visual/tactile stimulation are all emphasized.

* Each child has their own refrigerator basket for bottles, baby food, etc.


Mobile Infants

Approximately 1 year - 18 months

A variety of activities are offered to develop gross motor skills and communication.  This room uses a cot for nap time (transition cots are available the last few weeks your child is in the infant room).  As your child gets acclimated to the room schedule morning naps are eliminated.  Breakfasts, morning snacks and afternoon snacks are provided as indicated on the menu chart. Send your child with a BROWN BAG LUNCH. Your child’s refrigerator basket will remain for bottles. 



Approximately 19 months - 2 years

As little ones become more engaged with the world around them our center provides avenues that will stimulate and challenge their development. Our teachers will channel their energy into skill building activities promoting language, cognitive, social, and physical development.  Children will graduate to sitting at a table instead of a high chair.  If your child uses a pacifier, we will be working on the need to use it less often.  Children will begin learning how to use a cup.


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