Preschool & PreK Programs at TLC

All classrooms are self-contained and each is equipped with its own bathroom, refrigerator, microwave, cots, etc. Students arriving prior to 8:15am will receive a breakfast and all students are given a morning and an afternoon snack (click here for a sample monthly menu). Children are each assigned a cubbie to keep daily materials and a mailbox for general communication. Your child is issued a knapsack to store their pillow, blanket and sleep buddy (please choose items that your child can easily put in the bag themselves). Additionally, each preschool student receives a daily report indicating activities and other various information.  PreK children are expected to verbally discuss their day with parents versus a daily report being issued.  Note:  There is an annual school supply fee that is due prior to the first day of school.

Preschool 2


A wide variety of skills sets are found among our two-year-old group and we offer two classrooms that will support age-appropriate development.  Each classroom is tailored to facilitate the growth of the age group in which it educates and uses material that is designed to support the curriculum theme. Students are introduced to letters, numbers, shapes, and colors in a monthly format while daily activities such as crafts, games, and outdoor play work on motor skill development.  In order to assess the progress of our students a parent-teacher conference is held late each fall to discuss individual successes and challenges.

Preschool 3


Our preschool 3 classroom offers curriculum that challenges yet supports each child's comfort level in their individual development.  Our children are encouraged to display independent thinking while demonstrating knowledge of learned skills.  Student recognition of letters, numbers, shapes, and colors are expanded upon from the preschool 2 classroom in a monthly curriculum format while daily activities such as crafts, games, and outdoor play continue to work on motor skill, social, and academic development.  A parent-teacher conference is held late each fall to discuss individual successes and challenges.



Our PreK classrooms are designed to give our students curriculum based programming that will prepare them for their primary school education. All students entering this room are expected to have basic understanding of preschool skills as this room expands on that knowledge. Reading, writing and arithmetic are introduced and homework is given to emphasize material that is reviewed in class. Two field trips are also scheduled during the year that correspond to the unit being discussed (chaperones are welcome to attend).  The classroom has a library, audio center, computer, and more that help engage the students into the curriculum and bolster their interest in the learning process. Parent-teacher conferences are held late in the fall to discuss individual successes and challenges.

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