Tendercare has been so great with my daughter. The infant/toddler teachers were always so patient and attentive to her when she needed it. Her current teachers in the 2's room are amazing too - all of the activities and crafts they do are phenomenal and my daughter has so much fun with them while learning. Keep up the great work!

Megan Craig


The staff at Tendercare are amazing.  As a new mom it is nerve wracking to leave your little one with anyone else, but the staff made me confident and comfortable from the get-go.  I love that I see my daughter hitting her milestones and gaining new skills while she learns alongside her same aged peers in a safe and secure environment.

Jessica H.


Since starting at TLC 18 months ago we’ve seen clear progression in our 3-year old daughters learning, manners and overall happiness. The teachers truly love their students and vice versa. We’re so happy with TLC and we’ll be sending baby #2 in the spring. Thanks TLC!

Angela Fair


Our first experience with Tendercare was 10 years ago and its where our daughter learned to socialize with kids her age, to use the potty, write her name and that “school” is fun. We always felt that her needs were being met and that she was loved and cared for by staff. When we had our second child many years later, we knew right away that we wanted to go back to TLC and it was one of the easiest decisions we had to make. He has been there for 3 years and loves it just as much as she did. We have comfort each day knowing he is having fun, learning and safe.

Dave & Jami Squitieri


Tendercare is more than a daycare. For four years, it's been my babies's home away from home. Each of us have found love, comfort and support within its doors.

Jeanette Thayer


I love the staff! They are super friendly and my 1 year old daughter loves it, she's always excited when we show up in the mornings. I can't complain, you pay for what you get and I think its very well worth it. Thank you so much for taking good care of my little girl :)

Debra Hill


My daughter was 2 almost two and a half years old when we started looking at day cares. We were worried about the transition at her age. We took a tour of Tendercare and we we knew this is exactly where we wanted her. We love Tendercare! The staff was so patient with both her and us during the first two weeks. They kept reassuring us that after two weeks, she would be happy to go to "school" in the mornings. Sure enough, two weeks later, she all but skipped out the door in the mornings. She comes home with a detailed report of how her day was and things that they have learned in her class. She knows everyone there and everyone knows her!  I couldn't be happier with the choice we made in sending her to Tendercare. You feel like you are part of a family, not a paycheck in their pocket. We recommend Tendercare to everyone who asks. You know your children are safe, well looked after, and if you can't be with your child during the day, there is no one else I would rather have them with than the staff of Tendercare. They love my baby like she is their own.

Ashley Bryan


TLC was so instrumental in Lanie's development and shaping her into the smart, beautiful girl she is. Thank you TLC for everything.

Rob Davidson


My family overall is very pleased with Tendercare. I attribute my daughter knowing her shapes, colors, letters, months, days of the week, etc. to the teachers in her classroom. It seems like everyday, she comes home telling me about a a new skills she has learned. My daughter has had her occasional off days, and I have found teachers to be very patient with her. My daughter loves spending her days with her "school friends", and enjoys going to daycare. I have found most teachers have just the right balance of nurturing and discipline that is needed when working with toddlers. Happy with our experience!

Joanne Carradin


Amazing teachers that actually take the time to teach your kids. The teachers are always so nice to our daughter and she loves it there. Best daycare around I think.

Dave Comley


We spent the last two years at TLC for daily care. We had a wonderful experience. They took great care of our kids and did an awesome job in helping to prepare our youngest for Kindergarten.

Karen Loss


I have been sending my two children to Tendercare Learning Center for several years. They have a fantastic curriculum, dedicated teachers in a very safe and secure environment. It is reasonably priced, fully staffed and well kept. I would recommend this to anyone looking for childcare in the area. 

Kristy Klevinsky


One of the things we love about TLC is how flexible they have been for us...  from offering care for CCPS closure days to summer care when it is easy to sign our boys up only for the weeks we need. We also love the staff at TLC.  The quality of care our children have been given has always been good, and it is obvious that they care about our children.

Rick & Kristi


My son just transitioned from the Preschool 2 classroom with Miss Shelly to the Preschool 3 room.  
He has thoroughly enjoyed each day at Tendercare and loves to come home and share what he has learned at school.  The staff is caring, thoughtful, and sensitive to his needs.  I highly recommend Tendercare Learning Center.

Paula Webster


I'd like to take a moment to thank you for all of the dedication and focus you put towards creating a positive learning experience for the children who attend TLC. My son, Brady, started at TLC at age three and now as he approaches five, I am amazed at the progress he has made both socially and scholastically. Initially, I struggled with the decision to put him in a preschool environment. To my delight, it was one of the best things I could have done to foster his growth and learning. TLC has created an environment tailored to help children reach above-average levels of reading readiness, math skills, and gross and fine motor development. Even more impressive is that this level of learning is tempered with fun, so that children are not so focused on academics that they lose the childhood experience. We have truly enjoyed being part of the TLC family.

Torrie Bailey


Finding Tendercare Learning Center was a blessing for our family.  It is a wonderful place with experienced staff and innovative programs.  Not only do they teach my child educational and social skills they also teach compassion for others.  We are so pleased to belong to a center that not only cares deeply for the children in their care but our community as well.

The Ormond Family


My daughter is in her second year at Tendercare Learning Center and she loves it! Every time I pick her up at TLC, she is both busy and having fun either doing homework, or engaged in educational and/or recreational activities. The staff are very friendly, good with the kids and very attentive to both the needs of students and parents. The facility itself is very clean and secure as they have security cameras installed at the facilities. My daughter and I are both very happy with TLC!

Richard Hurteau


My son and I have been blessed to find Tendercare Learning Center. Everyone is so loving and respectful. My son is excited to go to school and is eager to talk about everything that he learned when he gets home.

The Dollard Family


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